cat Madness at Home

In my home I am the youngest kid.  Most of the time the house is pretty quiet.  When the house is silent my cat breaks the silents by squeaking.  My cat may be 7 years old but he acts like a kitten. Every morning before I wake up he wakes up the whole house by meowing and squeaking for food.  After he is done eating he will take his afternoon nap (which lasts all afternoon). My cat will go on my bed but thats only on the weekends.  Don’t forget to comment below and tell me about your pets!

Earth Day

On Earth day I didn’t now what I was going to do so I asked my mom and she said we were going to plant a tree at the youth center.  Then we went to the youth center with my sister’s friends (only girls) and helped plant a young tree (with other kids).  First we mixed the dirt up with other soils then we took turns shoveling dirt into a small crater with the tree in it.  Next, we put mulch in the crater and gave the tree lots of water.  Then we went home.  THE END.

Mason’s Day at the National Museum of Natural History


There are many of things at the National Museum of Natural History. One of my favorite things was holding a huge grasshopper and they also had hissing cockroaches, fainting beetles, and a Japanese three horned beetle.  I went to the forensics lab where you could go in and the tables had a few bones per table and there was either something wrong with the bone or not.  When I got to the entrance floor I saw the gigantic elephant as you can see on the left.  Then I went to a narrow hallway with a gift shop filled with gems, rocks, and minerals.  After that I saw a little place that was like a green house filled with butterflies.  My favorite type of butterfly is a blue Morpho. The National Museum of Natural History is my favorite Smithsonian museum.

Image: ‘Elephant On The Loose‘

My day at the Washington D.C. Mall

My day at the Mall was very fun.  I went on a flight simulator and it was fun because it feels like being in an actual fighter jet. Before that I went to see early spy planes and bomber planes.  After I was done with that I had lunch. But when we got up and went I noticed a picture and it was pigeons with cameras! It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen.  After all that stuff I still had fun.

Hunting with my Dad and Grandpa

Hunting with my Dad and Grandpa is a fun experience.  Every time we go hunting it is an adventure.  I like looking at the the old tractors and busted trailer when we walk out to the wood.  The leaves are crunchy in the Fall and it is hard to be quiet.  When we get to the woods it is easy to be quiet because there is only pine needles and sticks.  I get excited when we get to the blind because we know a deer is going to come soon.  The most exciting part for me is tracking the deer after it is shot.  Most of the time, the deer run after you shot them.  We follow the blood trail to find them.  There are leaves with red spots that drive me crazy because it looks like there is blood on it.  I am happy when we get a deer because it provides food.  When we got a buck we took the skull and antlers home and I am going to put it in my room.  Hunting is fun and I can’t wait to get a deer myself.

Moving in to a new house

Moving in to a new house was hard. I missed the house back in Florida we could go to the beach a lot and go walk by the inter coastal and some times you can see fish jumping out of the water. When I first moved to Maryland we stayed at our friends house because we didn’t get a house yet. after we got our new house I had to sleep in a sleeping bag because my bed was not ready yet. A few days later I got toys but not many.

My metamorphosis

I am going to tell you about my metamorphosis.  In my egg it was very small and tight.  After I emerged from my egg I was so hungry that I ate my egg.  My egg was very salty.  As a larva I was very fat and fuzzy.  I became so full I made some thread and created a chrysalis.  When I was done I had  some room but I forgot to bring my TV to keep me company.  I emerged from it after a long nap or two.  I had wings but they looked so wrinkled.  I stretched them a couple of times then they looked perfect.  There was one thing I still can’t fly yet.  It was very tiring to go through all those stages to become a bird wing butterfly.